Black Hills Attractions

When planning your Black Hills vacation, not only keep in mind all the fun camping activities at Hart Ranch Camping Resort, but remember the top Black Hills attractions surrounding Hart Ranch. There is something for every member of your family with Black Hills attractions ranging from Mount Rushmore, other national monuments, museums, to even animal sanctuaries! Check out these top Black Hills attractions and make the most out of your Black Hills vacation at Hart Ranch Camping Resort!


Mount Rushmore National Monument

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This unique National Monument features the granite faces of four historic American Presidents- George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. This masterpiece of a sculpture is over 5,500 feet above sea level and resides mountainside in the lush forests of the Black Hills. Mount Rushmore National Monument is toured by over 3 million people yearly. Don’t miss the excitement and splendor of Mount Rushmore National Monument!

Crazy Horse Memorial

This outstanding Black Hills attraction is a mountain side sculpture of Chief Crazy Horse on his spirited warhorse. Crazy Horse Monument is still being worked on and is the world’s largest sculpture. At night, light shows perform showcasing the future end results of this mighty Black Hills attraction.

Bear Country

Take a ride through this drive-thru park and see over 20 species of North American mammals. At this Black Hills attraction see wildlife such as bears, wolves, deer, and even the mighty buffalo all from the comfort of your vehicle! Want to get even closer? Walk around Babyland and see the cutest bear cubs, adorable baby otters, and other baby animals play all day.

Reptile Gardens

Stroll through a garden oasis of colorful blooms, lush vegetation, and perfect lawns, all while catching an up close and personal glimpse of some of the scaly inhabitants of this Black Hills attraction. Say hello to Marilyn, a giant albino python or even the cute baby gator Fluffy! This Black Hills attraction is sure to add adventure to your Black Hills vacation.

Journey Museum

Dig up some of the rich history of the Black Hills at the Journey Museum. This well-known Black Hills attraction is filled with awe-inspiring cosmos, geological clues to the Black Hills’ history, and even dinosaur fossils found in this area! This is the spot to stop on your Black Hills vacation if you are a natural history lover!


Book your Black Hills vacation at Hart Ranch Camping Resort, which lies only a short distance away from the best Black Hills attractions! Whether you are a history buff or an animal lover, there is always something to do at the exciting Black Hills attractions. Contact Hart Ranch Camping Resort, and start making your Black Hills memories today!


Other Fun Black Hills Attractions:

  • 1880 Train
  • Adams Museum and House
  • Black Hills Badlands and Lakes
  • Black Hills Caverns
  • Black Hills Maze
  • Black Hills Mining Museum
  • Custer State Park
  • Cosmos
  • Evans Plunge
  • Jewel Cave
  • Museum of Geology
  • National Museum of Woodcarving
  • National Presidential Wax Museum
  • Old MacDonald’s Farm
  • Rushmore Cave
  • Sitting Bull Crystal Cave
  • Storybook Island
  • Wind Cave National Park


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