About Hart Ranch Resort

His name was John Harrison Hart, and he settled the ranch in the 1880s. It is only fitting that this land bears his name today.

Hart was straight from the pages of Old West history, and he carved out his ranching empire while Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane roamed the streets of Lead and Deadwood.

There is much about him which is legend, but far more which is fact. This bull driver, Civil War fighter, scout, pioneer, and frontiersman blazed a reputation remembered even today by those who live around the ranch. The legend says he arrived in the Black Hills with only $15 in his pocket and survived the first winter by chopping wood for 75¢ a cord. The facts show his hard work, entrepreneurial skill, and innovative mind parlayed what little he had into a successful freight line from Pierre to Rapid City and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The legend says he never learned to drive a car, even though he lived to see World War II. The fact is that you still can find people who remember driving him around his ranch when – too old to ride a horse or wagon anymore – he just couldn’t stand being away from the land he loved.

The final chapter of our story is the purchase of the 13,000 acre Hart Ranch in 1983 and the construction of the Camping Resort. In 1984 the membership was deeded the 195 acre resort. There are several companies associated with the Hart Ranch name – Hart Ranch Arena, Hart Ranch Golf Course, and Hart Ranch Development Company. The Hart Ranch Camping Resort Club is an independent and separate corporation.


A Western Heritage

John Harrison Hart came to the emerald forests and creek-carved canyons of the Black Hills during the gold rush days of the 1880s with $15 in his pocket. Tapping his entrepreneurial skills, Hart soon bought a 13,000 acre ranch for himself. But he didn’t let success get to his head. Hart was a true cowboy, driving cattle by horseback on his ranch until his death. The Western life was all he knew, for though Hart lived to see World War II, he never learned to drive a car. Today, Hart Ranch is South Dakota’s premier recreational resort, but like John Hart, we haven’t let success give us a big head. We may have swimming pools, hot tubs, and tennis courts, to name a few, but our greatest amenity is the simple Western lifestyle Hart Ranch has represented for over a century.

Becoming a Member

There are 4 different levels of membership for Hart Ranch. The B membership grants access to RV Sites. The A membership will give you access to a Colt & Colt II Cabin as well as RV sites. The P membership will give you a choice of any of the cabins as well as RV sites. The 1FT membership will give you access to RV sites on a limited basis. To become a lifetime member of Hart Ranch you pay an initial fee depending on the type of membership and then there are yearly Maintenance fees. These are what the park operates on each year. These memberships are ideal for people who return to the Black Hills to enjoy the many amenities! The park is open year round, although in the off season we have limited facilities. Please contact the Sales Department today to find out more information!

Daily Storage Annual Storage
$2.00 a day plus tax or $3.50 with electricity (for members) $10/$15 a day (for non members during their stay) $240.00 a year for the first site and $325.00 for each additional plus tax (members only)

Our storage lot is a secured lot with PIN code required to gain entry.

We do have storage moves available for $12.00 + tax one way move. However, we must have a 24-hour notice if you need a storage move or additional fees will apply.


Reservations are made through the resort at 800-605-4278. Reservations can be made 60 days in advance for members and for promotional stays. We require a 72 hour notice of cancellation.

Reservations that fall during Sturgis Bike Rally week are paid in full at the time the reservation is made and no refunds are permitted.

Promotional stays are not available during holiday times or during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.